Join Conscious Universe

Conscious Universe is a group of projects and organisations that belong to, or have entered into partnership with The Universe Ministry, and meet the definition / standards set by the group of what it means to be conscious. Each organisation has total autonomy, with access to blockchain technology. 

Benefits include:


Organisation Certification and ID to operate worldwide

Tax excluded bank account

Centralised banking

Decentralized banking


Legal support 

Accounting services

Cost Reduction


Marketing support 

Business support

Technical support

Conscious Universe branding

(permission to use planet on branding & display your

logo on and

Support conscious economy

Reach the conscious community 

Join a community of conscious organisations 

Access Networking events

Contribute to Thithe; support ministry and initiatives

Agreements - Organisations must be:

Environmentally friendly





Impact driven


Certified by the Better Brand Network

In addition, Organisations must:

Act in the best interest of the collective

Agree to The 50 Universal Laws

Swear an Oath to The Universe

Report monthly and quarterly

Monthly: General meeting with leaders from every organisation

Quarterly: Audit and Account review by Ministry

Cap Individual Salary at $33,000,000

Donate 40% of Surplus Income to Thithe

Fairly Compensate all stakeholders.


Organisations must pay an annual accounting and legal fee relative to their size, ranging from:

Under 10 employees: $700-$2,000 

11-45 Employees: $2,000-$5,500 

46-100 employees: $5,000-$15,000 

100+: Variable


The Universe handles accounting and maintains accountability with the United States Government/IRS/SEC/FBI/any entity with a legal issue.


Existing organisations are subject to a $5,000 activation fee*. 

Start-up's and Entrepreneurs can apply for scholarship.

All organisations can apply for grants. 

*Option to pay $500/month after an initial deposit of $2,000.

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