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The Universe has the rights to every planet in The Universe.


Humanity have the right to Earth. 

According to Google, there are 35 million planets like Earth where Humans can thrive. 

Do you want to relocate to another planet?

Yes, but not alone.

I want to go with tribe. 

With friends and family.

With community.

The Conscious Universe Group provides NFT's for every habitable planet. 

Choose your planetary NFT and join a community, with friends and family, so you and your tribe can go together. 

Create content to show the Conscious Universe Group what impact you, your tribe, community, friends and family have made, and are making on this planet to Earn NFT's.

Impact this world with Love. 

Protect air, water, land, and food.

Grow positive impact projects, organisations, and communities.

Make music.


Spend time in nature. 


Have Children.


Live in self-sustainable homes and communities.  

Regenerate the planet.

Verify real world actions on CoUni with Lightleaders to receive more NFT's.

Earn, buy, and/or receive NFT's to space travel, relocate to another planet, and join the galactic federation. 


Sell NFT's to access funding here on Earth. 

Buy NFT's to fund your galactic family.

This is the Council of Light. 

Christ Consciousness is here. 

We are ready to unite as one ... in the physical, not just the spiritual.

Earth has its seat with 49 other star families in the Galactic Federation. 

We are all channels. 

And beyond. 


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